Thursday, February 21, 2013

AppV 5 issues

We are having issues with AppV 5.  Suddenly, after enabling global refreshes the application we were publishing was having major problems.  From everything I have seen the publishing server and management server were operating correctly, the client appeared to be operating correctly but I kept getting these types of errors on the client:

"Package {571b8b47-d4ba-491e-a824-6b64260a8205} version {2ccba72b-ef64-4041-a2c3-d24768165b69} failed configuration in folder 'D:\AppVData\PackageInstallationRoot\571B8B47-D4BA-491E-A824-6B64260A8205\2CCBA72B-EF64-4041-A2C3-D24768165B69' with error 0x4FC01304-0x80070003."

"Error encountered while executing command Get-AppvPublishingServer | Sync-AppvPublishingServer. Error: There were errors encountered when trying to publish packages from the server.
Operation attempted: RefreshPublishingServer. 
AppV Error Code: 070000000B. "

To resolve the issue I needed to execute:

Remove-AppvClientPackage *
Get-AppvPublishingServer | Sync-AppvPublishingServer

On the client