Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Single Image Hardware Independent Operating System Independent Deployment


1) Make a OPK share (usually OPKTOOLS)
2) Make a CFGSET and set it to be able to do Media Center / Tablet (use a Media Center 2005 CD's and combine the two CD's) IF possible. (optionalsources=YES under [WINPE] in Winbom.ini)
3) Boot a VM into WinPE and use the Winbom.ini created by the CFGSET to copy all the necessary files over. Once that's done the system should reboot, go back into WinPE immediantely.
4) Kill FACTORY.EXE upon entering WinPE *IF* it's going to "Install Configuration Set"
5) Make an IMAGE of the hard disk and call this "VIRGIN" (or clean or blank or whatever).
6) Copy out winnt.sif located in the $WIN_NT.~BT$ folder to a network share. Within this one single file is the product key that determines what version of Windows you are going to have (Pro, Tablet or Media Center --> as far as I know [but haven't tried] this will not work for HOME).

7) You can now image a machine with the VIRGIN image and then copy over a WINNT.SIF to $WIN_NT$.~BT that has the proper product key using WinPE and FIRM. Since this is before the blue text-mode setup it is hardware independent and Windows will automatically configure itself for the number of processors it can support automatically. As well, because it's before the GUI mode configures itself via the product key, changing the WINNT.SIF file will change the type of Windows it will install itself as!

Single Image Hardware Independent Operating System Independent Deployment (SIHIOSID)

Boom baby! :D

One Image to Rule them All!

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