Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Straighten' up shelves

Lots to do... Lots to do... Big things coming down the pipe.

At Voodoo, work progresses on trying to hasten and solidify the software system. This is an infinite effort and relatively stressful.

The testing system (Haiti) has hit its stride and has matured marvelously. We have a filtering system to not install programs that cause programs with certain hardware configurations (I'm looking at you, vendors!) or operating systems (Quake III and VISTA!). And this enables tests that only work on specific operating systems (ie, WinSAT).

Bugs to be worked out:
After Sysprep > WinSAT hangs on first boot (started by MSOOBE.exe). Current work-around is Shift-F10 > taskmgr.exe > Processes tab > End Process on WinSAT. You can rerun WinSAT later. Cause of this TBD.

This problem is described in this links...


Odd that we see it on fresh systems...

More testing is needed...

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