Friday, April 29, 2011

Configure Local Group Policy via the command line

Apply a security policy using an .inf file

[Profile Description]
Description=profile description
[System Access]
MinimumPasswordAge = 10
MaximumPasswordAge = 30
MinimumPasswordLength = 6
RequireLogonToChangePassword = 0
NewAdministratorName = "NewAdminAccountName"
NewGuestName = "NewGuestAccountName"

Simple to apply from a cmd line

secedit /configure /db %windir%\security\database\localdb.sdb /cfg %systemdrive%\install\local\policy\policyname.inf /verbose


Unknown said...

Great comment. Can this methodology be used to deploy a custom local GPO to my windows XP clients?

I can't do it with AD for reasons not worth going into, though if you are curious you can see some details here:

Any thoughts?

Trentent said...

Uknown, you should be able to do what you are describing via local GPO I believe.