Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Issue with Folder Redirection (Error %%267)

So we were having an issue with Folder Redirection today with a user. We were moving them from a fileshare to a UNC path. The difference is a file share is explicitly shared, the userdirs$ is a share that then has a folder within.

This was the error in fdeploy.log (enabled here).

16:32:10:116 Homedir redirection path %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH% expanded to \\newserver\userdirs$\user1.
16:32:10:116 Redirecting folder My Documents to \\%HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH%.
16:32:10:116 Previous folder path \\oldserver\user1$ expanded to \\oldserver\user1$.
16:32:10:116 New folder path \\%HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH% expanded to \\newserver\userdirs$\user1.
16:32:11:007 Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents.
The folder is configured to be redirected from <\\oldserver\user1$> to <\\newserver\userdirs$\user1>.
The following error occurred:

%%267. After some brief investigation it was found this users had a huge My Docs and it was copied to the new server. The old directory was then renamed (user1.old) and a new directory was created called user1 and reshared as user1$ on the old server. Then this issue occurred. The reason this issue occurred was because the user wasn't assigned any permissions on the old directory so it was erroring out. I don't know if %%267 is a permission code or not but that's what we found. By adding the user to the folder \\oldserver\user1$ as full control did it then proceed and migrate his My Docs correctly.

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