Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Powershell script to compare Citrix Webinterface files

I've created a powershell script that will compare Citrix Webinterface files then export them out to a csv file.

#* Created by: Trentent Tye
#*         Intel Server Team
#*         IBM Canada Ltd.
#* Creation Date: Jul 17, 2013
#* File Name: parse-webinterfaceconf.ps1
#* Description: This script will generate a CSV file of all the webinterface.conf files that you copy into
#*                  the same folder as this script.  For the purposes of our uses I have renamed the .conf files
#*                  to %URL%.conf.  This script will take the file name of the conf files to use as the CSV
#*                  headers then go through that file and compare if the uncommented values exist as compared
#*                  to the master "values.txt" file.  The "Values.txt" file was generated by taking the numerous
#*                  WebInterface files and deleting all lines that start with "#" and then removing duplicates
#*                  of all the values that were left.  For the 3 .confs I started with there are 160 values
#*                  amoung all three that have had a value set.

$dirlist = Get-ChildItem -filter *.conf | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name
#header value in powershell "Import-CSV" must be an array, a text variable parses as one header item
$header = @()
$header += "Value" 
foreach ($item in $dirlist) {
$header += $item 
#import csv with our header
$values = import-csv Values.txt  -Header $header

#do a foreach item in Values append the matching value in the other .conf files
foreach ($item in $values) {

  #check to see if the "Value" matches an item in the $dirlist and add that property in that file
  foreach ($diritem in $dirlist) {
  #get the webinterface.conf file
    get-content $diritem  | Foreach-Object {
    #check to see if one of the values in the "Value" file matches one of the values in the file that is NOT commented out
    if ($_.StartsWith($item.Value)) {
    #get the value to the right of the equal sign
    $pos = $_.IndexOf("=")
    $rightPart = $_.Substring($pos+1)
    #set the value to the appropriate column in the CSV
    $item.$diritem = $rightPart


$values | Export-CSV complete.csv -NoTypeInformation -force


Tito Giansante said...

This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

Trentent said...

Glad you found it useful :)

Jesse Boehm said...

Thanks for sharing:)
Very Informative Blog..!!

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