Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Microsoft and Citrix putting pictures of scripts in documents...

Come on guys, a little more effort than that.  How are you supposed to copy paste an image?

The script is the following:

It's supposed to pull the application and command-line to execute it in AppV5.  I got the script from this document:

"PackageName,Application Name,ApplicationPath"|out-file .\appPath.txt -Append
foreach($pkg in (gwmi -Namespace root\AppV -Class AppVClientPackage -Filter "IsPublishedGlobally = true"))

    $apps=gwmi -Namespace root\AppV -Class AppVClientApplication -Filter "PackageID = '$($pkg.PackageId)' and PackageVersionID = '$($pkg.VersionId)'"

   foreach($app in $apps)


      $rootfolder=(Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Packages\$($app.PackageID)\Versions\$($app.PackageVersionID)\Catalog").Folder


      "$($pkg.Name),$($app.Name),$($appPath)"|out-file .\AppPath.txt -Append

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