Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unable to launch /appvve switch via XenApp 6.5

It appears you can't launch an AppV environment around an application with the /appvve switch as Microsoft automatically strips the /appvve switch OR because icast.exe freaks out.

I have found an alternative method though:

powershell.exe -command "&{$AppVName = Get-AppvClientPackage *APPNAME* ; Start-AppvVirtualProcess -AppvClientObject $AppVName cmd.exe}"

This will launch a cmd.exe window in the virtual environment in citrix with the passed .exe (cmd.exe in this example).


Dan Gough said...

You can also use a slightly shorter version!

Start-AppvVirtualProcess -AppvClientObject (Get-AppvClientPackage *APPNAME*) cmd.exe

Trentent said...

That's even better! Thanks Dan!