Sunday, December 14, 2014

AppV 5 - Measuring RegistryStaging load times

Per my previous posting, I have an issue where the AppVClient.exe consumes significant CPU resources upon application launch.  From a Microsoft forum where another member did some further investigation, he discovered that the slowness and delayed launch times are related to registry staging.  To confirm and measure the impact of registry staging I wrote a script that measures the length of time it takes to finish registry staging for all AppV5 applications on your computer/server.

What this script does is iterate through all your AppV5 applications and then loads a cmd.exe with the AppV environment.  It then checks for the RegistryStagingFinished registry key, and once it is found, it moves on to the next program.  It records all this information than exports it as a CSV file.

By utilizing this script as a AppV prelaunch/startup script we can optimize our users first application startup times and reduce CPU utilization of first-run applications.


Icono said...

I want to thank you for all the work it took to make these scripts. It seems like some of our troublesome apps are only taking 2 seconds max do to this expansion, yet sometimes they take over 4 minutes to load. I'm having trouble reproducing the issue right after a fresh image. After it takes 4 minutes for one user, any other user that logs on (new profile) doesn't have the problem. I'll post back if we every figure out how to get AppV 5 to perform as well as 4.6.

FYI we are in full offline mode with the AppV file mounted.

Anonymous said...

Great script...but in my environment, launching cmd.exe (or any other app in the bubble) during startup doesn't seem to work. I can run the script manually when logged in as an admin, but as a startup script, it fails. Am I missing something?