Friday, May 03, 2013

Execute Windows XP klist.exe purge without user intervention

Using AutoIt:

; Script written by Trentent Tye
; May 03, 2013

; This scripts purpose is to execute the "klist.exe purge" command

; silently without user intervention

; This script will cause a window to become visible for a few seconds While

; the "yes" command is passed to klist.exe


; Because klist.exe does not use standard IO when outputting to the command

; prompt until all interactions are complete it's not possible to programmatically

; key in on waiting for its prompts. Due to this, I have this script send

; "y" to the window that klist.exe is executing in until klist.exe is terminatedy

; Demonstrates the use of StdinWrite()


;Kills klist.exe first if it exists

$sCommandKill = "taskkill.exe /im klist.exe /f"

Run("taskkill.exe /im klist.exe /f", @SW_SHOW, "")

If ProcessExists("klist.exe") Then



;setting up the command

$sCommand = "klist.exe purge"

$sTitle = "Klist Run Command"

;executes klist.exe with the purge command in a command prompt with a window

;title we can key on.

Run(@ComSpec & " /C title " & $sTitle & "
" & $sCommand, "C:\", @SW_SHOW, "")



WinActivate ( "Klist Run Command")

Send ("y")

;purge each entry


;if the process exists then we keep going

if ProcessExists ( "klist.exe" ) Then

$i = 1


$i = 0


Until $i =0

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