Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Manually add Windows startup scripts (or inject startup scripts into an offline image)

Due to the CGP issue, our solution is to add a startup script to each vDisk.  Since I don't want to make a version of each vDisk than attach it to a server than boot it up than gpedit.msc...  We have around 10 vDisks and that process would be annoying and take a while.  So I decided to investigate doing it offline as mounting a VHD using cvhdmonut.exe and then injecting the startup script would be a lot easier.

To do that, one simply needs to browse to:
"C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\Startup" (for machine startup script, aka, a script that starts when your computer starts up) or "C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicyUsers\Machine\Scripts\Startup" (for all users startup script [I'm assuming since I actually didn't go through and test the user portion]) and copy your script file there.  

Then, back out one level to C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts and edit Scripts.ini to include your new script file; incrementing the last line.


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