Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AppV 5 - Unable to launch applications but other users can launch without issue

We have AppV 5 SP2 HF4 installed on a Citrix PVS server with our AppV PackageInstallationRoot redirected to a static drive.  I recently updated the PVS server than found my account could not launch AppV applications but other accounts could launch them without issue.  I deleted my user account from the server, tried launching applications with /appvve (which appeared to work but didn't actually initialize the AppV environment) and procmon'ed the launch of the application.  Procmon showed me the application actually launching, but immediately terminating.

Bad Launch

Good Launch
We can see that the application stops launching at the moment it initializes the virtual environment.  Next we'll dive into the event logs and see if it gives us any more relevant information.  I chose to enable a few event logs that deal with the early process of AppV5.  I can't really tell you why I chose those ones, they are just a few that I've learned to monitor when I have problems launching apps.

I enabled:

Launching the application gave me some error messages.  From Client-VirtualizationManager:

64 notification failed with error 5746736078216233004. Package {49bda935-0a17-43e5-aada-44858d95affa}, version {d506ff21-4e9a-40e5-b60f-94481ccbe76a}, pid 5176, ve id 0.
VirtualizationManager component failed to handle 46 activity. Error 4746865492684177448.

If we do the backwards HRESULT dance to try and get a useful error code we get this for the two errors:

PS C:\Users\trententtye> (5746736078216233004).ToString("x")

PS C:\Users\trententtye> (4746865492684177448).ToString("x")

According to the link, the object is 04 (
Virtualization ManagerClient-VirtualizationManager Log or Client-Vemgr Log

with error code 0x28 and 0x2c.  Googling those HRESULT codes reveals nothing.  I then looked into Client-Vemgr and found some error messages there:

Request to generate mappings for globally-published package failed. package moniker 49BDA935-0A17-43E5-AADA-44858D95AFFA_D506FF21-4E9A-40E5-B60F-94481CCBE76A. group moniker . user sid S-1-5-21-38857442-2693285798-3636612711-15138285. result {Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful..

Well, this is interesting.  So it appears that AppV can't do mappings; which I assume are the CoW (Copy on Write) for the filesystem...?  Procmon does not reveal anything with a access denied or failed to create directories, as a matter of fact it actually creates the %userprofile%\local\Microsoft\AppV\VFS directories.  But it is specifically targeting my user account, as referenced by the SID.

At this point I scanned Procmon for my SID and found it existed in the AppV registry path here:

Procmon did not notice anything wrong (no access denied or such error messages).  I then launched another application with a runas and saw it that a new registry key SID combination was dynamically generated.  I then suspected that maybe the existence of this key maybe causing my issue...  To verify I rebooted the PVS server and without using my account, checked and saw the registry key was there through reboots.  My next test was to delete the key and try launching the application again.

Lo and behold it worked!  AppV 5 regenerated the key and launched the application.  It appears if the key exists then it will fail to create the CoW mappings in the registry (which you can see in the screenshot when it's creating the MAV keys) and my issue is resolved.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I was having the same problem on a windows 7 client. The appv that I had problems with would run for any user account, except for one. I was getting the same errors in the same logs. When I removed the SID from that registry key and rebooted, logged in with the affected user it worked immediately.

Question is, any idea why this is happening and how it can be prevented?

I am also using AppV 5 SP2 Hotfix 4 client.

Thanks again for the great post!

Trentent said...

I think what happened for me was I logged into the server while it was in maintenance mode with my account and my registry key got added there and then persisted across reboots.

TenBob said...

Had exactly this issue on a Windows 7 client with SP2 HF5 of the App-V client.
Again, no idea what caused this as we have one failure in over 1000 Windows 7 machines.
Thanks for the post, it saved us a huge amount of time troubleshooting.

Ryan said...

Thank you for your post about this. Just to be clarify (in case others make the same mistake I did), the item to delete is the entire LocalVFSSecuredUsers key (deleting/changing the individual user/SID values didn't do it in my case).

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, this was really useful for me and saved me a bunch of time!!!

LJ Young said...

I discovered this is still a problem for me with App-V 5.0 SP3 hf2. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Ran into this issue on App-V 5.0 SP3 HF0. It was happening only for the administrator account on the computer. Deleting the proper SID value did the trick.

Thanks again! The real mystery is
a) What's causing this?
b) Why hasn't Microsoft fixed it almost a year later?

Calvin L. said...

Thanks! This just saved me ton of troubleshooting. I just ran into the same issue with our Office 2013 App-V package. After deleting a users profile I logged in again with a freshly regenerated profile and none of the Office 2013 applications would run. After deleting the users SID under the LocalVFSSecuredUsers key it worked immediately.

I'm using App-V 5.0 SP3 HF2 and Windows 7.

Anonymous said...

Problem persists in 5.1.....;-(
We get this on 1 in 20 devices and it re-occurs. No idea why.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. This was en enormous help.

Anonymous said...

Legend! Just found this after many hours of investigating. I deleted the key on windows 7 machine and then restarted the app-v service. The apps then launched successfully for that user!

d4rkcell said...

This has been a pain for us. your fix solves it nicely. We have software in computer labs used by students and it is totally hit and miss who it works for and who it doesn't. We actually started to move away from AppV because we didnt have the resources, skills or time to troubleshoot it effectively. Thank you!

Kevin the Kitten said...

Great fix, but do you know why the reg key was created in the first place? Would be great to be able to prevent this happening when you have an App-V application on 10,000 PCs...