Thursday, September 04, 2014

Powershell script to update some sysinternals tools and wireshark

# by Trentent Tye
# Updates processor monitor and processor explorer and wireshark

mkdir c:\swinst\Sysinternals
Set-Location c:\swinst\Sysinternals

$SysInternals+=ls \\\tools\procmon.exe
$SysInternals+=ls \\\tools\procexp.exe
foreach ($File in $SysInternals) {
    if (Test-Path $File.Name) {
        if ($File.LastWriteTime -ne (get-Item $File.Name).LastWriteTime) {
            Write-Host $File.Name “is out of date. Downloading new version…“    
            Copy-Item $file -Force
} #end If LastWriteTime
            else {
               Write-Host $File.Name “is up to date.“
} #end If LastWriteTime
        } #end Test-Path
    else {
        Write-Host $File.Name “is new. Downloading…“
        Copy-Item $file -Force
} #end else Test-Path
} #end foreach $file

#remove current wireshark
$oldWireshark = dir "C:\swinst\wire*"
remove-item $oldWireshark -force
#download newest wireshark
$link = Invoke-WebRequest
$wiresharkver = $link.links.innerText | select-string "Wire*" | select -last 1

$Source = "" + $wiresharkver
$Destination = "c:\swinst\" + $wiresharkver
Invoke-WebRequest -uri $Source -OutFile $Destination
Unblock-File $Destination

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