Friday, July 03, 2015

AppV5 - Recipe for Epic 2012

AppV5 - Sequencing first steps


I create install.cmd files for all of my applications so that, if required in the future, I can re-sequence an application quickly completely through script or via one of those 'PowerShell AppV5 automated GUI's'.


Supplemental files:


1) Select 'install.cmd' and click 'Next'

2) Name the package and click 'Next'

3) Let the install script do its thing (note the clock)...

4) AppV5 - Post install sequencing steps

5) Review for any extra registry keys/files (generally there are none or very few) and remove and save the package.

6) In order for Epic to launch in a reasonable amount of time, registry staging must be done.  Without a pre-executed registry staging, first launch performance of Epic can take hundreds of seconds.

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